July 2018: Griffiths Teas awarded NSW Architecture Award for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing

31st July 2018

The Griffiths Teas Apartments, completed in December last year, has been awarded the 2018 NSW Architecture Award for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing. We are honoured to have been recognised and would like to thank all those involved, particularly our client, Cornerstone, and the builder Growthbuilt.

The PopovBass team was well represented and enjoyed the awards night, which was a great opportunity to socialise with our peers and appreciate the standard of architecture in New South Wales in 2018.

We have previously featured a range of internal and external photographs of the Griffiths Teas Apartments in this newsletter, but have only shown the building in its final state. We would like to show some of the original sketches which sought to convey the concept behind the architecture. From its early concepts the design has adapted and changed to meet the challenges posed by working with an existing heritage building, but the original design vision was maintained throughout the process. An excerpt from the original design vision statement reads:

The analogy of a pearl shell works on many levels for this site. The original warehouse purpose has a precious cargo housed in a utilitarian shell… The approach to the apartments will be to reveal as much of the original structure as possible and then insert the precious (tea) boxes into the space. These insertions will divide the space and contain the service areas for the apartments and the building as a whole. The insertions will be polished and refined elements, deliberately contrasting with the rough structure.